About Perfect Venue

Perfect Venue was created by founders Kylie Richardson and Gemma Dixon after being frustrated at the lack of resources online for planning our own weddings. We couldn’t find a decent website with information on a variety of reception venues in one place, so we decided to make our own...

We have been friends since attending high school together in Christchurch. Gemma is currently a student at Christchurch Polytechnic, studying Business and E-Commerce, and has an administration and marketing background. Kylie has a science degree and works for an IT firm in Christchurch doing technical support. We both have an interest in web development, which led to us developing this website.

We started working on Perfect Venue in June 2007 to address the need for more comprehensive venue information on the web. Gemma was married in 2006, and Kylie in November last year. We both found that planning weddings while working full time can be a difficult task, and that modern brides are increasingly turning to the world wide web to help plan their special day. While there is information out there, it is dispersed, and can be hard to track down without visiting multiple websites. We therefore decided to fix this problem, by creating Perfect Venue, the most comprehensive wedding venue directory in Christchurch! A one stop shop for brides to find the perfect venue for their wedding reception, and also for any other function or event being planned.

The concept behind Perfect Venue is that it is free for venues to have a detailed listing. This allows us to list the widest variety of wedding venues, right from charming community halls up to extravagant function centres and beautiful vineyards.

If you need any help or additional information, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to help you! We also appreciate any feedback you have for us, and hope you find this website as helpful as we hope it will be!

Happy weddings!

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